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Problem handled most excellently

ASAP Roofing are a breath of fresh air! They are honest and trustworthy roofers. They were called to make repairs to my neighbour`s roof back in October last year and they handled the problem excellently and they cannot thank him enough for everything this company did to help them. They really went the extra mile and did a great job for a fair price. My neighbour says that if you need roof repairs then call this comapny. You won`t be disappointed.

This blog was posted Thursday 2nd May 2019 : 11.41 am

Good price, great service!

What a wonderful job Eastbourne Car Valeting did on my son`s motor. The car has been thoroughly valeted by a true professional who clearly knows what he is doing and has a passion for motors. The price was good and the service was great. Highly, highly recommend this company to anyone looking to give their motor the clean it deserves!

This blog was posted Wednesday 24th April 2019 : 11.50 am

Innovative and useful software

Best Bookings have been an excellent solution for managing work and staff. My mother runs an independent cleaning business with many cleaners working for the company. Since the start-up of her business, it has grown significantly and her employees have almost doubled since the first year of starting and she now has 14 cleaners working for her. The success of her business means that she is getting more enquiries and more jobs all over the local area. To manage the workload and to stay on top of where cleaners should be and what time, she uses the software called Best Bookings. It comes with a calendar and many other brilliant features and she can book in and allocate cleaners to where they need to be. She feels on top of her workload and feels that she can take on more staff in the near future.

This blog was posted Monday 20th August 2018 : 10.55 am

High shine

My uncle can't believe the complete transformation that his oven went through when he had it cleaned last year. Oven Cleaning Company really worked hard to give him the results he was hoping for. He asked them to do a full oven clean which they did in a good time and to an exceptionally high standard! He has scheduled them in to carry out another clean this year.

This blog was posted Wednesday 23rd May 2018 : 10.13 am

Super service

My nan was worried that she would have to pay out for a new oven as the other one was looking grubby and she couldn't get it as clean as it once was. Over time, she had tried a lot of different cleaning products but nothing seemed to work to give her the result she was wanting. She saw an ad for Mrs Ovens who offered a very reasonable price for a standard oven clean. The lady was very kind and reassured my nan who was embarrassed by her oven, that she had seen a lot worse! She was a lovely friendly lady who was personable and professional. The end result was astounding and my nan was overjoyed with her oven.

This blog was posted Wednesday 28th February 2018 : 01.03 pm

Engaging and interesting training day

My cousin had her workplace fire safety training day which she said was surprisingly enjoyable. ETC Fire was an upbeat and positive team with their delivery of the training. It was engaging and interesting with lots to learn about. It wasn't too challenging and she said there wasn't too much crammed into the time set and they took regular breaks. Some of her colleagues had taken the training before, so it was just a case of reinforcing current knowledge and putting it into practice for some. But everyone who took part in the training found it very useful and fun.

This blog was posted Tuesday 13th February 2018 : 11.48 am

Nail services course

My niece's daughter loved her nail services training at Partners for Training which wasn't too far from her home. She was pleasantly surprised how easy it was traveling in by train and just how well served the training center is to the railway service. My niece's daughter particularly liked the style of the training given and all of the aftercare advice that was given. The trainers were supportive and helped her whenever she was stuck or unsure. She was pleased because she didn't do well in school and is thrilled to have found something that she loves doing and is good at.

This blog was posted Wednesday 7th February 2018 : 11.26 am

Great coverage, great firm

My son was impressed by the customer service at Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers they were just so friendly. If you are looking for a personable and professional insurance company then these are the guys to go to. They had a great depth of knowledge and seemed to really enjoy helping clients get the best insurance coverage. My son was in desperate need of motor insurance and so went straight to this company as he had previously heard good things about them from friends. They did not disappoint him and provided an excellent service.

This blog was posted Thursday 1st February 2018 : 04.11 pm

Central heating problems

Sam Mercer Plumbing are brilliant at what they do. My husband was thrilled with the recent work they did. For some years the central heating system wasn't working properly throughout the entire house and it was never warm enough throughout the winter. This company came over to the house and quickly found the route of this issue and swiftly carried out the necessary repairs needed. This is something that other plumbing and heating specialists have failed to do. My husband was so pleased with the service that he would not hesitate to use them again as they were excellent.

This blog was posted Monday 29th January 2018 : 09.37 am