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We love Downsfield !

When you want the best choice of st ives guest houses Downsfield really fits the bill.  The Cornish coastline is famous for great surfing! We particularly like Downsfield because it's friendly and very well run by the friendly Sharon Palmer.  

This blog was posted Friday 31st October 2014 : 03.41 pm

A great hotel on Eastbourne Seafront

When you want the best choice of hotels eastbourne seafront is well served by the south coast.  The Sussex coastline is famous for great weather and even some surfing! We like the Arden Hotel in Eastbourne because it's such a cheap, friendly hotel and it's very well run by Ray and Tracey the hosts.  

This blog was posted Friday 31st October 2014 : 03.39 pm

Monitor shop security

We don't just lock up at the end of the day. Having CCTV systems in place keeps the shop secure both during and after hours and my staff know that their security is being monitored, which is also good as it puts off the criminal element around here.

This blog was posted Thursday 11th September 2014 : 11.54 am

Driving lessons

It's great to find such good value Driving lessons in Seaford.

This blog was posted Tuesday 22nd July 2014 : 11.56 am

Good local builders

I would call these builders in Eastbourne again. They do a great job and they are extremely good at brick and stone work.

This blog was posted Monday 7th July 2014 : 10.51 am

Lovely childrens rooms

When it comes to childrens curtains, these are lovely, great quality, and perfect for your childrens rooms.

This blog was posted Monday 23rd June 2014 : 05.49 pm

Good advice

When you're looking for equipment for micro abrasives PESL are definitely good at matching products to customer needs.

This blog was posted Thursday 19th June 2014 : 01.43 pm

Steel or ironwork they know what they're doing

Try these welders Eastbourne way - Abelweld have all the tools and experience necessary to do a safe repair to any iron or metal work that needs it.  Steel work or ironwork they know what they're doing.

This blog was posted Monday 19th May 2014 : 03.00 pm

Wall Spikes definitely help

When pigeons or cats sit on your fence, Wall Spikes definitely help keep them away!

This blog was posted Thursday 15th May 2014 : 03.36 pm

Safer driving with better visibility all around

Get one of these Convex Mirrors put up. They are a great help for visibility when you can't see round corners when your car bonnet's sticking out into the road ahead of you!

This blog was posted Monday 12th May 2014 : 01.41 pm

Fabulous loft furniture....

When it comes to loft furniture, give these online flat pack oak furniture suppliers a go. The cupboards are specially made to fit sloping roofs - they look absolutely fab!

This blog was posted Friday 14th March 2014 : 01.23 pm

What do you do with your loved one's ashes?

You can bury or scatter a beloved relative's ashes, but sometimes its nice to keep a little in a crystal bottle - and I think these are very pretty - you don't have to tell everyone what's in them, it's a private little Memorial Keepsake for yourself.

This blog was posted Thursday 13th March 2014 : 10.55 am

When the yearly insurance is due....

If it's Landlords insurance you want I've found that Reid Briggs provide an excellent advisory service for that, and many other types of insurance. 

This blog was posted Thursday 13th March 2014 : 10.52 am

Lovely home and nice food, in Eastbourne.

Of all the Care homes Eastbourne has - and there are many - we are glad we went to visit Victoria Care Home in Polegate.  Having heard such nice things about it, there was a lively game of Bingo going on in the afternoon and the food looked very nice when we had a look around the kitchen. 

This blog was posted Monday 10th March 2014 : 02.06 pm

Love these security products!

All my perimeter security problems sorted on one great site!

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th February 2014 : 02.22 pm

Didn't lift a finger - these guys did it all!

I was looking for rubbish clearance south London and along came ASAP ... with their van and men they quickly cleared my loft and garage and I didn't have to lift a finger.

This blog was posted Sunday 2nd March 2014 : 08.09 pm

Great prices for cool futons

Cool futons here at great prices, and there's some very nice accessories and other furniture too.

This blog was posted Friday 7th March 2014 : 03.00 pm

Good listeners can be the answer

When you live in Staffordshire counselling from trained therapists Adrian and Marika can put you on the path to happiness and help you sort out your jumbled thoughts and feelings. The answers are within you - it just takes a really GOOD listener to bring them out - and that's what we are trained to do.

This blog was posted Wednesday 12th March 2014 : 07.14 pm

DPN Solutions for structured cabling systems

When we were looking for a firm to do a professional job of structured cabling Bromley company DPN Solutions were the ones we went to for the wiring system.  Their team of commercial electricians y ensured our IT systems were connected up with total functionality and anticipation of future expansion of our company.  They also ensured that it was all checked and tested, thoroughly, before they left.  They are good people to leave in charge of something so vital, and worked quietly round our offices, with very little disruption to our staff.

This blog was posted Saturday 22nd March 2014 : 11.01 am

Great garden buildings

When searching for garden buildings it's Shop for Garden all the way! Dad loved our new garden shed so much we're getting another one for him!

This blog was posted Thursday 27th March 2014 : 06.22 pm